If your trees get too tall, who ya gonna call?

Big Woody's Tree Service Cleaning Up Fallen Tree

Tree Services & Stump Removal

Big Woody’s Tree Service offers preventive tree trimming care for your property. Pruning dead limbs helps the trees stay healthy and strong during bad weather. We provide affordable tree cutting to prevent lines down during storms, or trimming large dead limbs that could fall and harm your home or property. We have exceptionally skilled specialists who ensure the tree limbs are removed professionally and with the client’s property in mind.


Excavation & Land Clearing Services

The first step to building any home is hiring the most reputable residential excavating company available. Big Woody’s is highly knowledgeable in a variety of excavating services. Our skilled staff has years of experience with digging new foundations, backfilling, and creating residential trenches with accuracy. We move dirt with detailed attention, and will also haul dirt to remove or relocate to another area for later use. We have many more specialties.




Emergency Storm Damage

Chattanooga, TN and the surrounding areas are known to have strange weather patterns. From, floods, tornados, hail and more, Big Woody’s is always fast, friendly and local. We provide round-the-clock emergency services with tree removal, stump grinding and even offering topsoil, mulch and dirt to have your land clean and beautiful. When storms happen, it can be an emotional time for anyone. We want to be a part of the solution in our community to help repair and rebuild.

Demolition Services & Truck Hauling

Big Woody’s is a demolition company who has the heavy machinery and the expertise to perform residential demolition to homes and buildings. Demolition is more than just knocking down a decrepit house. With our knowledge and experience, we avoid gas or water lines and are cautious and professional during the entire process. We offer great demolition services.