Owner of Big Woody's Tree Service Holding Chainsaw
Big Woody’s is the best. I have used them a couple of times before. They show up on time and are in and out before you know it. They clean up so well, no limbs, leaves or sawdust left behind. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family.
Shelia Swanson

I want to take a moment to give a special Thanks to this amazing company. Unlike so many today, they are not all about the money, but about people and community. They take time to help someone in need just because it’s the right thing to do. While doing some work in my neighbor’s yard, I had them look at a huge broken limb wedged high in an oak tree in my yard to get an estimate. While discussing it, the limb came crashing to the ground, nearly hitting one of the crew. As I was making a call to report it because it was blocking the road, they started cleaning it up and putting it in the chipper because he said “It’s the right thing to do. We are already here”. I know they were tired and ready to go because they had been working storm damage all week. What an amazing company. They will be blessed many times over for their kind deeds.
Linda Reeves

This company sent an AMAZING Team to perform the removal of 5 trees in our yard! I’d call them synchronized & at the top of their profession. I got 2 of their names, Sam, & Jordan. They started & finished in less than 6 hours. (That’s including lunch) .They even took down a triple tree in my neighbor’s yard with no charge since she is having some medical issues and is on a fixed income! I know that this is very appreciated by her & her family. ALL IN ALL AN A+ COMPANY! THEY HAVE THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT & THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO DO THE JOB! BIG WOODY’S TREE SERVICE!
Libby Weichert